There are few countries that we would even suggest share a passion on par with America’s when it comes to fast cars. Yet you could make the argument that Germany, the land of bier and sauerkraut, loves big, fast cars nearly as much as the good ol’ USA. When our two cultures come together though, the result is some truly awesome engineering, and a bit of the ol’ German flair for the exotic.

And in Germany, few cars are more exotic than the Corvette ZR1. Leave it up to Geiger Cars then to take a new Corvette ZR1, and tune it to the tastes of a very German crowd, reports Auto Evolution.

While starting out with 638 horsepower from the factory is a good baseline, Geiger went even further by adding better cylinder heads, an upgraded camshaft, and an improved air induction system. Combined with some tuning, all of these upgrades helped boost horsepower to 730 ponies, with torque settling at an incredible 700 pound-feet.

Geiger claims that this horsepower boost means their take on the ZR1 is good for a top speed of around 220 MPH. Yet Geiger decided to keep their ZR1 decidedly low-key looking, unlike some previous attention-grabbing efforts at American muscle. We like the subdued look, as well as the hood-mounted homage to Corvette Racing’s mascot, Jake.