Georgia Sheriff’s Department Adds ZR1 to Fleet, Draws Controversy

It’s not every day that you see a police officer cruising around in a ZR1, but in Clayton County Georgia, that sight has become a controversial one. As we found out from CBS Atlanta, the Clayton County Sherriff’s Department has taken on a new ZR1 as part of its fleet, not for catching bad guys, but for education. The only problem is that some taxpayers are concerned that of all things, they are funding the American supercar for the department. Check out the car in the CBS news broadcast video above.

We’d be lying if we said we knew of any county in the entire United States that could use a ZR1 over more traditional protection and service programs by police departments. But lucky for Clayton County, they’re getting both a car and an educational aspect out of a drug dealer’s misfortune.

As it turns out, the ZR1 wasn’t bought by Clayton County, but rather seized from a local drug dealer who had been using the car to sell and transport cocaine, sometimes in the rear taillights. Instead of having the car sit in a parking lot for two years before being offered for sale as the county regulations require, Clayton County is using the vehicle to educated youth and adults on the consequences of dealing drugs. The real tie-in? A statement reading “Donated By Your Local Drug Dealer” on the rear end, similar to the one found on the C5 seized from a drug dealer in Tennessee and now being used for the D.A.R.E. program.

Clayton County will use the Corvette for educational and promotional appearances. Once the department is done with the car, it will shed its wrap of Clayton County insignia and be sold at auction, with the money made being used to replenish the department’s current vehicle fleet.

So do Clayton County taxpayers have anything to worry about with the ZR1? Well, they aren’t paying directly for the vehicle but they are paying for the Premium to power it. And with today’s fuel prices and a powerful vehicle, that could add up. But that may be a price well worth paying to keep more drug dealers from popping up.

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