George Barris Creation Found on Craigslist: 1969 “Finovette”

George Barris, the “King of the Customizers”, made quite a name for himself in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with his unique automotive creations for movies and television such as the original Batmobile, The General Lee, and KITT from Knight Rider. Barris’s creativity has a had quite a staying power as well, and younger generations of car enthusiasts will recognize him as a judge from SPEED’s “Car Warriors.”

But as famous as Barris is for the cars he made for television, movies, and promotional products, he also was known to take on commissioned builds for individuals. Bobby Rautbord, winner of the 1972 off-shore outboard boating World Cup, hired Barris to build him a special 1969 Corvette to commemorate his victory. The car was dubbed “Finovette” after the boat that Rautbord won the World Cup in, the Fino #18. The car was customized to the gills in true Barris style, with tons of fiberglass work, fabrication, and electrical gizmos.

Now, thirty years later, the Finovette has turned up for sale on Los Angles Craigslist, looking pretty rough, and in need of the right buyer to bring it back. It may be ugly and tacky, and look like a really bad Batmobile prototype, but this car was built by one of the most famous automobile customizers in history, and for the right person, it could be a valuable piece of automotive history. Corvette Blogger has even more details on this unique George Barris car, so check out their full report here.

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