General Motors Recall Affecting 2011 and 2012 Corvette Owners

If you have a new C6 Corvette, listen up. General Motors is currently recalling 6,006 2011 and 2012 Corvette coupes due to a rear hatch safety issue. Corvettes sold in both the United States and Canada are affected by the recall. Thanks to CorvetteBlogger for bringing us the news.

The recall came after testing was done on the Corvettes in September for a future European safety regulation. The testing revealed that the rear hatch hinges of some 2011 and 2012 Corvettes did not meet a federal safety standard. General Motors told the Detroit News that the hinge issue could cause the rear hatch to detach from the rest of the car if it was involved in a crash. Upon finding the issue, GM stopped shipment of the Corvette model for three days to investigate.

Most of the Corvettes affected, 5,755 to be exact, were sold in the United States. The other 217 were sold in the Canadian market. Of the 6,006 total affected, about 4,000 are 2011 models. While this safety issue is obviously a concern, GM has not gotten any word of any injuries, crashes or customer complaints that related to the rear hatch hinge problem.

If you are unsure if your Corvette is one affected by the recall, don’t worry; GM will be sending out letters to the owners of affected cars at the end of this week. Affected Corvette owners can then take their cars to a Chevrolet dealership to have the recalled parts replaced with ones that meet safety regulations.

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