While there are a few lucky gearheads who have already spotted a new C7 on public roads, the majority of us will just have to wait to get an up close look at the new Corvette until later this year. To make things worse, you can pretty much forget about getting to sit in one. But in the meantime, you can play with these cool 360-degree views of the inside and the outside of the C7 from 360revo.com.

We really enjoyed the 360-degree look at both the interior and exterior of the new Stingray, but we were most impressed with the interior views. The exterior of the car has been photographed from just about every angle known to man already, but there’s still a little mystery left when it comes to the interior. With the 360revo interior cam you can get a close up look at just about any detail in the interior that you’d like. Take for example this screen shot we grabbed of the view out the back window – not exactly the kind of shot you’ll see in a press kit, but it gives you a good feel for what the car is actually like to sit in.  

The 360-degree cam even gives us a look into the C7's trunk and tiny back window.

Our buddies over at Corvette Blogger found out about these cool tools at the recent Chicago Auto Show, so check out their post for even more details.