Fuelab, recently introduced its most innovative electronic fuel pressure regulator. The new electronic fuel pressure regulator uses a microprocessor in its base and operates in conjunction with Fuelab’s current line of Prodigy fuel pumps. Devised for street-strip and drag race applications generating up to 1,800hp, this new innovative, patented device communicates automatically with Fuelab’s Prodigy variable-speed pump. The pump, in turn, responds instantly to fluctuating fuel flow demands and decreases current draw when in reduced speed mode, suppressing heat and potential vapor lock troubles in the fuel system.

What’s more, to top off all of their hard work, Fuelab was presented with the SEMA Best Engineered New Product for 2012, and received Runner-up. We spoke with Brian Paitz, owner of Fuelab who added, “Everyone at Fuelab is extremely proud of the recognition an award like this brings. As a small company, an achievement like this really stands out and highlights the dedication and commitment we have a Fuelab to bring leading edge fuel technology to performance systems.”

Of course,  Fuelab is no stranger to us, and have even detailed some of their great products in previous mentions before. For more information on Fuelabs innovative line of fuel products, including Fuelab’s Prodigy Fuel pump, be sure to check out fuelab.com.

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