Fuelab Offers Utmost Pump Control With New Electronic Regulators

When it comes to the fuel system on your street/strip vehicle, you’ll do pretty much anything to reduce heat build up and vapor lock conditions. While this can sometimes be difficult, Fuelab has just introduced their new 529 Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulators that work directly with your Fuelab Prodigy pump to reduce the occurrence of these debilitating engine conditions. Wrapped up in an easy-to-install component, the 529 Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulators will finally give you the true pump control you crave.

The new 529 Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulators have a built-in demand-based speed control feature to give you the utmost control over your fuel pump. With this, the 529 Series regulators are able to detect changes in flow demand even before a rail pressure change is realized. This allows the regulator to send a signal to your Prodigy pump (Part# 41401,41402,41403,42401 and 42402) to control the return line flow rate, reducing current draw at low flow demand, and in turn preventing your fuel from overheating. Just set the pressure on the regulator mechanically and notice the difference the demand-based flow control technology makes for your fuel system.

In addition to having the quick response of a mechanically regulated system with additional electronic flow control with the 529 Series regulators, you also get a system that is completely independent. There are no control boxes or other connections to worry about, and best of all, no calibration needed. With a special mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware, you’ll get the versatility you need to mount your new regulator in practically any engine bay.

Constructed from anodized billet aluminum, you can use this fuel regulator series with gasoline, diesel, ethanol and even methanol fuel. Available with either -6 or -8AN inlet/outlet ports and adjustable from 25 to 90 PSI, there’s no telling how many applications could benefit from the new Fuelab 529 Series Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulators.

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