For the last dozen years, the Friday closest to the Corvette’s “Official” birthday of June 30 has been the occasion to celebrate “Drive Your Corvette to Work” day, and in 2013, Friday June 28th will mark the 13th observance of this solemn and meaningful holiday. Founded by the good folks at Mid America Motorworks, DYCtWD is a chance to get your Y-body on the road and spread the good word about all things Corvette. While there are a lot of Vette fans who daily-drive their cars, this is an opportunity to show the general public just how popular the Corvette is among American car enthusiasts, with a flood of cars from every generation.

To help promote the event, MAM has created a Facebook event page, where participants are encouraged to post up photos of their “traveling tribute to America’s Sports Car” for inclusion in the 2013 gallery. So what’s it going to be, Corvette Online readers? Will you be taking part this year?