fuelie-2Craigslist is an odd place to find a classic, rare, and super-valuable car, but this are odd times, aren’t they? These days there are few things that can surprise us, including finding some rare fuelie Corvettes on the world’s premier free advertising space. And yet that is exactly what we have in front of us today.

Located in Springfield, Illinois and tipped off to us by reader Nikolai Crumbaugh, this 1965 Chevy Corvette on Craigslist is supposedly a former fuel-injected model, one of just 771 produced that year. But is this the real deal, or a red herring?

According to the owner, all the signs that this Corvette once had mechanical fuel injection are there. This includes holes in the body for the “Fuel Injection” badge, as well as the correct core support, the higher RPM tachometer, so on and so forth. The real determining factor is the VIN number, of course, but the owner doesn’t give that up.

All that said, it isn’t a fuelie Corvette until it has all the right parts, and the Edelbrock 350 crate engine with aluminum heads is far from stock. Oh, and let us not forget the custom front end that looks like it was pulled from either an 80’s El Camino or Monte Carlo. It’s really rather awful if you ask us. This former fuelie also once had a four-speed as well, upping the value even more…were it to be properly restored. As it sits though, this is a nice-looking ‘65 Corvette that could be so much more in the right hands.