Video: Forgiato Widebody C7 Convertible – Judge it for Yourself

Upon a first watch of this video, your author was confused as to why it hit his desk to concoct a writeup on it. With a second look, however, we discover that there is in fact a Corvette in it! All corny jokes aside, what we’re looking at is a widebody C7 Corvette convertible. It took us a few views to get a good idea of what it looks like, but it’s there. The artist’s rendition of a C7 convertible was thought up by the wheel manufacturer Forgiato for an event known as Forgiato Fest. Forgiato Fest is basically a “hip-hop culture meets car culture” show when all of the over-the-top custom cars are brought out and shown off.


Maybe we’re biased, but the C7’s body style is definitely one of the most stunning Corvettes in recent memory. It’s the first to take a rather large step toward competing with Italy’s supercar market. What better way is there to complement the aggressive body lines of the American supercar than to slap a widebody kit and some oversized wheels on it? Well, we could think of a couple of things, but we’ll keep them to ourselves.

While this isn’t exactly down our alley, the car at least appears to be well done. Even though we don’t exactly get a clean shot of it, it looks like good craftsmanship is a safe bet. It’s difficult to tell if the model is there to draw attention to the video or to draw attention away from the Corvette, but either way, job well done!

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Jesse is currently a Senior at the University of Delaware and has been a car freak his entire life, probably due to his dad being a mechanic. If he's not at school or writing about cars, he's probably under the hood or behind the wheel of his '00 Corvette.
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