Is there a set of new Forgeline wheels that you’ve been drooling over? Have you spent countless nights at your computer photo shopping the RB3C wheels on pics of your own car? Do you bore your wife or girlfriend to death for hours by talking about the finer points of the classic stepped lip ZX3? Well, there has never been a better time than right now to make your dream of owning a set of Forgelines a reality.

Forgeline’s Annual Customer Appreciation Sale has officially commenced, and between now and Wednesday November 28th, you can save 10% on a full set of any model of Forgeline wheels and center lock conversions. Better yet, Forgeline is sweetening the deal by offering customers a choice between a Forgeline logo jacket, and a tough looking leather jacket embossed with the Forgeline logo. Seriously, can you just imagine how jealous your friends will be when you roll up on a new set of Forgelines, and step out wearing a wicked Forgeline leather jacket?

For all you Aussies, Harrop is offering to knock off 50% from the freight charges to Australia on your new Forgelines. Regardless of where you’ll be having your new wheels shipped, you must have your order and 50% deposit into Forgeline by the close of business on November 28th.

Stop drooling and dreaming! Give Forgeline a call now at 1-800-886-0093 and make your dream wheels a reality before the sale is over!