Forgeline Offers 20% off Any Wheel Set At NOT Black Friday Sale

The holidays are still many months away, but many of us are already thinking about the best present to put under the tree for the gearheads close to our hearts. Many people like to take part in the ritualistic “Black Friday” sales that always follow thanksgiving. It is a hectic time to be out shopping for presents, and it symbolizes the official start of the holiday season. Great deals can be found just about everywhere, but the lines and limited quantities of special sales almost don’t make it worth it.

Anticipating the holiday rush, today marks the beginning of Forgeline’s “NOT Black Friday Sale,” where you can buy any set of wheels for for 20% off.

Forgeline’s wheels are some of the most recognizable in the world, and the have wheels for just about every vehicle imaginable. We’ve seen them on everything, from Alfa Romeos to Zephyrs. This sale leaves plenty of time to get the shopping in for the rest of the family, and just about every gearhead could appreciate a new set of shoes for his or her ride.

The sale runs from today, October 18th through to Monday, October 25th. The special offer of 20% off only applies to a full set of four wheels, not single wheels or pairs. Every order requires a 50% deposit, and the wheels need a 2-4 week lead time, and up to 6-7 weeks in the case of chrome or full-polished center wheels. Get in on the action soon, and beat the holiday rush.

Official Release

We all know that the day after we spend Thanksgiving with our families, it is pandemonium in the world of commerce. People camping out over night in front of retail stores, lines that stretch around blocks, and having to deal with the swarm of congestion of people and fighting your way through to get what you want. Well FORGELINE is here to ease your shopping needs for Black Friday. This year, we are bringing our Black Friday sale a month early to alleviate some of the weight on your shopping wish list and best of all, our sale will last for 8 days – not just 1!

Starting on Monday, October 18th until Monday, October 25th – you will be able to order any wheel from our line-up at 20% off the retail price! Keep in mind that this sale also applies to our authorized dealers as well so you can get the same discount from ordering from one of our respective vendors – not just us. No hidden fine print here but there are some important details to remember. We will no longer accept any orders from the Black Friday sale after 5PM EST on Monday, October 25th. Anyone that placed an order before the 18th of October will not qualify as a part of the Black Friday sale. Don’t forget that a 50% deposit is required upon the time of ordering your set and the lead time of the build will be 2-4 weeks – chrome and full polished centers can have a lead time of up to 6-7 weeks. Unfortunately, this sale will only apply to a full set of wheels – not just one or a pair. Be sure to PM us as well for any inquires!

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