We recently got a press release from our friends over at Forgeline Racing Wheels – a sponsor of the website – that one of their top dealers, Lou Gigliotti of LG Motorsports, recently broke the record for the fastest Corvette at the standing Texas Mile!

Using Forgeline ZX3R’s, Lou ran a bunch of 206 mph passes, but ran a single pass at 210 miles per hour. The vehicle was a Corvette Z06 specially prepared for top end speed with a twin turbo LS7.

The Z06 uses an engine capable of well over 800 hp, equipped with a stock LS7 block, Callies crank, Billet Rods, Mahle 9:1 pistons, stock LS7 heads, and of course, a APS Twin Turbo kit making big boost. A custom LG G7XT Turbo cam worked with the engine. Finally, the Forgeline’s were wrapped with Dunlop racing slicks to ensure maximum traction.

It’s interesting to see with the 210 mph top end just how the production ZR1’s are going to stack up, as new supercharger pulley’s are sure to find their way on to the front snout of the LS9 engine.

Check out the video posted on YouTube courtesy LG Motorsports: