Forgeline Brings Race Tech To The Street With Center Locking Wheels

If you’ve ever taken a look at the wheels found on professional road racing vehicles like those found in the American Le Mans Series, SCCA, and elsewhere, you’ve probably thought to yourself “Hey, those look pretty cool.” The center locking wheels used on those styles of race cars are designed for quick changes during pit stops, along with helping to withstand the tough conditions the wheels and tires are put through.

Center lock wheels have been largely kept on the race track, with a few hard-to-find aftermarket options out there for street use. However, Forgeline Wheels is bringing their racing technology to the streets with their new center locking wheel conversions that will allow virtually any vehicle to be outfitted with such a wheel and mechanism. These slick looking wheels offer the ultimate race car or retro performance appearance.

When purchasing a set of center locking wheels, you’ll get the set of four wheels machined for the center lock adapter, along with the all of the necessary hardware for installation, including the four machined and drilled adapters specific to your vehicle, lug nuts, two left side and right side hexagon or GT gear-style caps caps, a 3″ hexagon wrench, and a 2′ breaker bar. The hex or GT nuts are available in many different finishes including anodized, polished, and brushed.

The adapters bolt on to your vehicle with special lug nuts that act as drive pins, and the wheel then slips over the adapter and on to the lug nut drive pins. The forged nuts are then tightened down with the supplied wrench, and the process is complete.

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