Most auto enthusiasts have one dream car in mind; they may ponder other makes and models, but there is always vehicle in particular that becomes imprinted into the brain making it the dream car. Realization of one’s childhood dream is an incredible experience and when that car is a first generation Corvette, it just makes things a little more special. The Detroit News recently ran a story about a Corvette owner and the realization of his classic Corvette fantasy. Thomas Gamache retells the story of his first encounter with the beloved American sports car back in 1953. Gamache’s father was a chauffer at GM, and after returning home from the Motorama with advertising materials about the newly released Corvette.

Gamache, who was 12-years-old at the time immediately fell in love with the car and vowed that he would someday own one these machines. As an adult, Gamache worked for Detroit Diesel and after spending thirty years with Ford, he retired. In 1999 Gamache decided to purchase a retirement present for himself, which led to him tracking down his dream car, a 1954 Corvette. This ’54 had survived a fire, but it was almost totally original, needing only a few things. Although the interior color may not have been original, it was a starting point for Gamache. Being the 5th owner of this ’54 Corvette, Gamache is certain to take pride in the realization of his childhood dream car.