For Sale: C7 Stingray Only Driven Once (Through a Window)


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We’ve featured a few salvage-yard Corvettes here before, and usually the only backstory we have as to how they ended up there is the evidence visible in the photos – cars that have been submerged, burned, or even peeled like an orange. This case is a little different, though…

Thanks to a reader tip from Luke at Pro Salvage, we at least know a little bit about how this brand new Premiere Edition C7 Stingray ended up with a crunched nose and damaged windshield. It seems that this $76k-plus Corvette took an unplanned trip through the front window of a dealership, and is now listed as “sale pending” from Pro Salvage member 74 Auto LLC in Cape Girardeau, Missouri at a price of $67,900. A quick look at 74 Auto’s inventory shows quite a few interesting cars, including a Gallardo Spyder, a Viper, a Tesla Roadster, and no fewer than two ZL1 Camaros…

Clearly, there’s not enough damage to total out the car, and it comes with a clean title, but we imagine whoever ordered it up in the first place and agreed to let the dealership hold on to it as a traffic-builder probably didn’t count on taking delivery of a “lightly wrecked and repaired” new Stingray. Still, the damage isn’t bad, and for the price it might be a bargain for someone who doesn’t want to brave the waiting list for these coveted cars.

We do have to feel sorry for whoever was behind the wheel when the unfortunate excursion took place – perhaps the fact that the car is equipped with a manual transmission contributed to the incident, since actually being able to “drive stick” seems like a dying art. In any case, we hope that the subsequent miles are happier for this Stingray than the first 167 were…



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