For Sale: 1500HP, 8-Second, 200MPH ’74 Corvette

Corvette fans, rejoice. The 1974 Corvette that you see pictured here could be yours today, but you have to act fast. According to the seller this baby is a 1500hp, 8-second quarter mile runner and tops out at over 200mph. Right. We’re curious to know if he’s the same guy that’s selling 50-acre plots on the moon for $85 bucks and a box of Junior Mints.

All the proof you need is right there! The "original" 427/435 dash plaque.

All kidding aside, sometimes it’s just not possible to make this stuff up. Again, according to the listing, this car started out as an original 427ci/435hp Corvette. We’re sure that one will be news to General Motors, but we digress. The engine is now a blown 502 with with NOS, though he’s never actually turned the NOS on to see if it works.

He claims to have over $40,000 in the engine alone but has only driven it on the road “4 or 5 times.” He is apparently choosing to live life dangerously as the car has no roll cage of any kind, but from a chassis perspective he made sure to modify the suspension for “Added Ground Clearance & Hook-Up.” We’ve never seen that approach before to adding speed and stability into a car, but hey, you learn something every day, right?

If you’d like to take a peek through the listing yourself over on to see if we’re smoking something funny smelling, be our guest. It will make your day! If you bu7 it, let us know. We’d love to go on an 8-second pass.

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