There are some really twisted individuals in this world, and every day YouTube provides an outlet for their creative impulses. Watching videos of mom learning to ride a dirtbike, a Yorkie making sweet love to a teddy bear or some kid getting nailed in the ‘nads by a skateboard are common finds on YouTube, but fetish videos are now creeping in under the radar. For instance there is a series of videos of a (presumably – we cannot guarantee this) female subject wearing high heels stomping the ever-living crap out of toy cars. .

Due to the lack of nudity or overt sexual content, this video is deemed safe for viewing on YouTube but make no mistake – it is aimed a certain faction of perverts. Seeing a high heel clad model stomping a model of C2 Corvette into little chunks of plastic is fairly weird, but it seems to serve its audience well. Thanks to the web, those with innovative fetishes like toy Corvette destruction or girls in stuck cars are able to indulge themselves on a regular basis. Aside from the generally creepy intention of this video, the only critiques that I care to offer is that perhaps a clear Lucite stripper heel would have provided a better color contrast to the light blue Corvette, and in the future try not to make the model wear ugly shoes.