Flowmaster’s “Show Us Your Flows” Contest

It pays to run Flowmaster exhaust these days. Not only does a slick pair of Flowmaster or Hushpower mufflers offer your ride significantly improved exhaust flow and sound, but Flowmaster is giving away weekly, monthly and semi-annual prizes just for running their gear! All contestants need to do is submit a short YouTube video showing off your ride and your ride’s exhaust. Obviously points for creativity will be awarded for your sub-3 minute video. Click HERE to enter!

Original Press Release:

Show us your flows”  CONTEST

Weekly, Monthly, & Semi-annual prizes awarded!

Is your ride packin’ Flowmaster or Hushpower mufflers? Are you lookin’ to win something for your smart exhaust product choice? Announcing the Flowmaster “Show us your Flows” weekly video contest. The winners of our weekly, monthly or semi-annual contest – as selected by Flowmaster employees – will take home some plenty cool products and might just take a trip on us to some great automotive event. It’s all up to just how cool your video containing your Flowmaster/Hushpower-equipped vehicle really is. Just upload your under three minute video to Youtube.com and tell us where it can be reviewed on line. If you pass the initial selection process, we’ll showcase your video on our website for all to see. If your video is selected, you win! It’s just that simple!

Important note

Dangerous or illegal activities are not permitted and will not be posted on our site or considered for award. THINK before you create the video of your vehicle and make certain that you to never break any laws or endanger anyone around you. Videos containing nudity or creating a public nuisance will not be considered. And just for the record – “Flows” are Flowmaster or Hushpower mufflers and no other brand or product will be considered for posting or an award. Cool cars/trucks/SUV or whatever are what we want – especially unique placements and fast cars. Key thought – Be creative – DON’T BE STUPID!

How to enter

Film your vehicle running Flowmaster or Hushpower products. Make sure the sound from your performance exhaust system is clear. Upload your video to your youtube.com website and fill out our forms found on the “show us flows” page to let us post your video link on our site. This sign off will allow us to use your video for Flowmaster/Hushpower promotions/publicity and will officially sign you in for contest consideration

What you win

Weekly Winner – Posted every Sunday – Flowmaster T-Shirt and Hat
Monthly Winner – Posted on the first of every month for the previous month –  Flowmaster or Hushpower exhaust kit of your choice.
Semi-annual Winner – Posted prior to event – Trip for one to event including SEMA Show, Winternationals, US Nationals, etc.

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