If you are a big car or truck fan, or if you work at a shop where all sorts of cars roll in for exhaust work, Flowmaster’s latest catalog is now available. The new catalog is for 2012 and has everything that Flowmaster offers inside. The 2012 catalog is 171 pages and has mufflers and accessories for, import cars and trucks, domestic cars and trucks, and diesel pages as well.

The catalog is in PDF form so you can save it to your smartphone, tablet or computer and have it readily available wherever you go. One look at the catalog will tell you that Flowmaster has a huge number of parts and includes cars like the focus and fiesta that I never would have thought about the company having mufflers for.

The catalog is easy to use as will with the cars listed on the far left and then part numbers under the name of the muffler family with part numbers for the specific vehicle in the grid. You can zoom in on specific parts for the car you are looking for making it easy to read the part numbers to place your order. You can download the PDF catalog at this link.