Flooded C7 Stingray Up For Auction

From the outside it looks pretty nice, but looks can be deceiving.

About a week ago, we came across a C7 Stingray that took the Stingray name a bit too seriously and went for a swim. While we don’t know all the details of the incident, in our recent article we did add that Corvette owners need to be extra careful when crossing any body of water because of how low they are from the factory. It doesn’t take much water depth before water gets into the intake and interior. 

Due to being flooded, the electrical system is inoperable and the digital dash does not display anything.

When we posted that story, we had a lot of people contacting us voicing their opinions about the drivers decision making abilities and while it does raise an eyebrow seeing a Vette submerged, at the end of the day cars can be replaced with insurance, but lives cannot.

Speaking of insurance, it looks like Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc did it again and appears to have the same water damaged, red C7 going up for auction in one of their new listings. At only 1,800 miles, this red beauty could be yours for a discounted price if you’re willing to put in some work (estimated at $56,500 worth of repair work to be exact).

While the car itself looks nice enough, it appears that the electrical system is ruined as it no longer works at all and the interior looks like its seen better days too. It’s also pretty safe to say that the new car smell is gone as there is undoubtedly some mildew and deterioration of the interior materials.

The interior looks to be in bad shape as the combination of water and direct sunlight has done nothing good.

 As a general rule of thumb, if the water is deep enough that a quarter of the wheel/tire is submerged, you should not cross it. Don’t let this happen to you and think twice before crossing a body of water! 

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