Image Source: Corvette Forum

The Gumball 3000 – where do we start? How about the most awesome, fun, supercar-populated, celebrity-laden rally to ever exist? That’s just putting it lightly.

Well, there just happens to be two C7 Corvettes running in the rally. We definitely did expect more C7’s on the rally, then we remembered that all of the participants have more money than brains. A C7 Corvette is probably like a beater car for them. 

While searching for more information on the two C7 Stingrays running the rally, we saw a video by Tim Burton, A.K.A. Shmee150 on YouTube, just walking around the car and going over it briefly. Burton is from the UK and Stingrays are a rare sight there, so this is a first for him.

The route this year for Gumball starts in Miami, Florida and ends in Ibiza, Spain, and the theme for all of the crazy vehicle wraps is “Miami Vice.” We definitely see it on the two C7 Corvettes – they are wrapped in blue chrome with pink chrome accents throughout the car, as well as loads of sponsor decals.

The Blue and pink chrome might not be for everyone, but it sure makes a bold statement. As far as we know, these two C7 Corvettes are bone stock, but that’s fine with us – we know the C7 is a solid car and should have no problem keeping up with the pace of some of the other supercars taking part in the rally.

Also, John Coyle of Corvette Forum is riding with the RallyBabes of AnastasiaDate in their 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, covering the whole rally stage-by-stage. If you are a Gumball 3000 fan, you should check his updates – it will make you want to take out a second mortgage on your home to run the rally. Have fun, John!