Flaming River Steers FAQ For Their Steering Column Product Lines

Flaming River provides our hobby with some of the most versatile applications to finishing off your steering assembly. We took a look at some of their FAQ regarding their line of steering columns. Here are a couple that may help those of you looking to update your project with an aftermarket column.

What different styles of columns does Flaming River offer?

Flaming River: Flaming River offers a variety of Tilt Columns and Non-Tilt Columns available in a wide selection of lengths and sizes. Floor Shift Tilt, Column Shift Tilt, and Tilt Key Columns are our most popular.

Top Left: 28-inch floor shift tilt column with polished finished. Top Right: 28-inch floor shift key column with 1-inch 48-spline shaft with polished finish. Bottom Left: 28-inch column shift tilt column with polished finish. Bottom Right: 28-inch column shift key column with 1-inch 48-spline shaft with black powdercoat finish.

Key Columns can be made in either a Floor Shift of Column Shift style. Our columns come in three finishes: paintable mill finish, black powdercoat, and polished stainless. Output shafts come in 1-inch 48-splined shaft, 3/4-inch 36-splined shaft, and 1-inch DD shaft.

To check out a full list of steering columns that are offered by Flaming River you can check out their lineup here.

How do I determine the length of the column I will need?

FR: Many popular vehicle applications have standard sizes already determined for them–you can use the Product Selector Tool on the left hand side of this page and enter your vehicles make, model, and year, or visit our browse by vehicle page to see if we have a standard size to retrofit your vehicle.

For more custom applications, the best thing to do is sit in your vehicle’s driver-side seat and get a feel for where the steering wheel would be most comfortable for you and measure from there to the firewall. A general rule of thumb for measuring:

Desired Column Length = 7-9/16-inch Shroud Length + Distance to Firewall + 3-inch Shaft Through Firewall

Flaming River has great tech support on hand to clarify any matters that come up during your purchasing and install process. Be sure to check out the full Steering Column FAQ here. Flaming River’s homepage also has LiveChat tech support for turnkey help at a moments notice.

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