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Flaming River Industries’ steering components can make a project car’s interior really stand out, or improve the performance of a street/touring car. 

When it comes to steering, Flaming River Industries has been at the tip of the spear with tech tips and tricks. Changing out a steering box, steering column or changing over to rack and pinion can seem like a difficult task.

The crew at Flaming River realize that many do-it-yourselfers tend to stay within their comfort zone of previous experience. This works well for changing tires or spark plugs but let’s be honest, how often does a home mechanic change a steering column? 

Flaming River’s tech page allows home mechanics to research frequently asked questions and provide answers to technical questions that the home mechanics never even thought of prior to installation. This allows the do-it-yourselfer to see the full job and what it takes before ordering the parts. Getting all the answers prior to assembly is critical to a smooth and effortless assembly. 

Actual screen shot of Flaming River’s tech page. With several different links to click on, you can find the answer to any question you may have.

Flaming River’s tech tips and tricks page contains the FAQ’s for Steering Columns and Rack and Pinion kits. Product spec sheets are also listed for those really getting into the specs and doing custom work. For those with any doubts about being able to install the parts, Flaming River has all of the installation instructions and diagrams posted on the tech page, along with published “How-To” articles from magazines.

Flaming River Industries explains it all, and in a simple, easy to navigate webpage.

While the vast majority of home mechanics wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a steering pump replacement or a complete steering system renovation, newer mechanics or those that have never been exposed to steering systems may find it daunting. We found the tech pages at Flaming Rivers to be very helpful in multiple facets, even for our purposes. Anyone considering a steering component replacement should check out the tech page to remove and fear or doubt in performing the swap. The tech page for Flaming River Industries can be found by clicking here.

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