Flaming River Expands Into Alternators And Powder Coating Services

flaming_river_cn_3For the past 20 years, Flaming River has provided the hot rod and custom world with high-quality steering components, accessories and electrical components. With some exciting new changes to Flaming River’s product line, they have now expanded their offerings to include Billet HD Amp Alternators and powder coating services for most of their products. Now you can get even more for your ride from the trusted Flaming River brand.


Seeing a need in the market for alternators that have a low RPM kick-in, especially in cases where vehicles are being used in cruises or parades, Flaming River is now offering Billet HD Amp Alternators for your hot rod.

Equipped with precision balanced low-mass rotors and Twin Rectifier Plates with twice as many diodes as OEM alternators, the new Flaming River alternators can safely operate at shaft speeds of 20,000+ RPM while maintaining an excellent output at speeds as low as 400RPM. The Twin Rectifier Plates with 12 press-fit diodes also allows for better heat dissipation thanks to increased surface area.

Available in machined, polished or black anodized finishes for a variety of Ford and GM applications, Flaming River’s new Billet HD Amp Alternators are sure to give your hot rod the extra oomph it needs.

flaming_river_cnPowder Coating

In addition to alternators, Flaming River has also expanded its operations to include a custom powder coating facility at the company’s Ohio headquarters.

Now, rather than being limited to traditional finishes for your favorite Flaming River products, you can choose to have many of the company’s popular components powder coated in a variety of new custom colors.

flaming_river_cn_2In addition to extra color options, Flaming River powder coating offers the benefits of full in-house operations, with staff dedicated to properly protecting and coating each product before final assembly. Not only does this mean that the color remains un-compromised on your powder coated component, it also means that every product will fit together just as intended even with its new finish. With staff educated on what pieces to leave out of the powder coating process, you can rest assured that whether its powder coated or not, every Flaming River component will function as it should.

Flaming River has successfully brought wonderful performance and period-correct components to the hot rod market for over 20 years now and with the addition of their billet alternators and powder coating services, we’re sure to see even more success in the future.

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