First-Hand Video Captures Another Corvette Street Racing Crash

Here we go again... another Vette street racing wreck.

The Corvette wrecks just keep on coming with this new video we uncovered on YouTube. The title of the video adequately describes what goes down as “Why you shouldn’t street race…” and we agree after watching it for ourselves. The video caption describes the scene as “two Vettes going at it from a 60 roll” and when the video opens, we can clearly see a silver C6 coupe in the right hand-lane rolling alongside the POV car as they try to match their speeds. After the standard three honks, both cars smash the go pedal, and the engines race for the redline.

Just a few short seconds into the race, it becomes clear that things aren’t quite going as planned for the driver of the silver C6 as he loses control and veers hard into the left lane in an almost identical manner as the recent ZR1 Fail Video. The two cars collide hard with an audible crunch from the sound of cracking plastic.

After the collision, the screen goes black and we can’t see what is happening inside or around the POV car. Neither car seems to have skidded off the road, and we can hear someone assuring the driver that, “It’s ok.” However, he doesn’t sound too convinced based on the obscenities he quietly utters in disbelief (NSFW language, as you might expect). The video ends shortly after, and we are all left wondering just how bad the damage is to these two highway-heroes’ cars. Hope they have some good insurance too… (and that their adjusters never see this video!)

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