Photo: Edmunds

Just under two weeks ago the cover was finally pulled off the much anticipated C7 Corvette and “Stingray Fever” is in full swing. Now, a few images of the Convertible version of the new Stingray are already starting to make their rounds. This one was posted to the web by our friends over at Edmunds. We’ve done our best to verify if these are authentic images from GM, but were unable to. So, with that having been said, these could very well be third-party renderings. Not that it really matters: it’s pretty easy to imagine the C7 minus the top anyway.  

According to Edmunds, the convertible model is likely to retain a C6 style soft-top that will fold neatly away in the trunk. Personally, we were really hoping for the option of a removable hard top. Maybe next time. If you’re really looking forward to having the wind blowing through your hair as you send the 450 horsepower Gen-V LT1 to the redline, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Like most convertible models, there will be a good amount of delay between the initial coupe’s showroom release next fall and when the drop top will start production, likely in the spring of 2014.

Check out the Edmunds website for more pics and info on the C7 Convertible.