Automakers know a thing or two about launching a new car these days. These companies make new car launches all about the consumer, and with models like the Corvette enjoying a passionate following, many launch events are tailored to the tastes of enthusiasts and potential buyers. This gives the consumer the feeling of being a part of something important. 

Car auctions are a big part of that, and few are bigger than the annual Barrett-Jackson events across the country. While GM has already auctioned off the first 2014 Corvette coupe, the first 2014 Corvette convertible won’t be auctioned off until April, at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach event.

This comes almost a month to the day after the official reveal of the 2014 Corvette convertible at the Geneva Motor Show. Geneva has been a popular destination for the reveal of drop Corvettes, with the C6 convertible making its debut in Geneva almost a decade ago. Like the 2014 Corvette Coupe that Rick Hendrick spent over $1 million on, the convertible version will hit the auction block between April 4th and 6th at the Barrett-Jackson event in Palm Beach.

While we doubt the first convertible 2014 Corvette will fetch anywhere near the million bucks the first 2014 Corvette coupe did, we still expect it to bring in six-figures for charity. Yup, this is just another charitable contribution, as all these big first-off car auctions are. So place your bets – how much will the 2014 Corvette convertible sell for at auction in April?