In a recent article introducing Optic Armor Performance Windows to the Power Automedia network of digital magazines, we took a look at the features of their race car windows — highlighted most importantly by their impressive strength and reduced weight. Along with superior optical clarity, flex capabilities, and chemical and scratch resistance, Optic Armor windows are also form-matched to the factory glass to a very wide range of vehicle makes and models. If you’ve got a high performance vehicle — domestic or import — chances are that Optic Armor has a window for it.

Taking just a brief look at the Optic Armor Application Guide, you’ll find windows for early model AMC’s, BMW M3’s, Buick Regals, Chevelles, Chevy pickups, Honda Civics, Mazda RX-7’s, the early model Olds Cutlass, Plymouth Barracudas, GTO’s, Porsches, and Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs of nearly every generation, just to name a few.

In addition, Optic Armor offers windscreens designed for dragsters and complete, custom-fit options for virtually any race car. Optic Armor windows can be found on such machines as Jason Scruggs/ Pro Extreme Corvette and other Pro Modified-style cars and on the life-saving capsules on Top Fuel and Top Alcohol Hydroplanes.

If you’re in the market to shed some pounds (50-75% compared to factory glass in many cases) and put some added peace of mind to your racing endeavors in the safety department, aftermarket windows is a great place to start. If you’d like to see what Optic Armor offers for your particular vehicle, click here to check out their entire Application Guide. Along with separate pieces for each window on the factory vehicle, Optic Armor also provides complete kits for many makes and models.