So how is this for a setup. Over 50 years after its famed 1960 Le Mans debut, the last lost Briggs-Cunningham racing Corvette was discovered at the back of a warehouse in almost unrecognizable condition. This amazing discovery allowed Lance Miller to help complete his father Chip’s goal of discovering all of the lost Briggs-Cunningham Corvettes, and the car was set to be revealed this past weekend at the Corvettes at Carlisle event.

But then something went wrong… or, depending on your perspective, right. Just 30 minutes before the big reveal was set to take place, the whole thing was called off. According to Motor Authority, that is because some big time buyer bought this last missing piece of the Briggs-Cunningham puzzle, and apparently demanded it not be put on display due to “security concerns.”

From the picture above, you can see that there really isn’t too much to be concerned about. There isn’t much left to the long lost #1 car, which was crashed, disappeared, and sold as scrap before sitting in a warehouse for decades. A big revealed was planned for Saturday after a semi-public reveal was held the night before.

For whatever reason though, the big show was cancelled just 30 minutes prior to the reveal, no doubt upsetting some long time Corvette fans. What security issues there could be at a gathering of old men and their Corvettes, we couldn’t tell you. But there was a pledge by the new owner to fully restore it to its original racing specs.

So at least there is that. No word on when or if that last missing Briggs-Cunningham Corvette will make public appearance.