Any time you can drop some weight you will pick up speed, and that is just what Ferrea Racing Components is doing with their new Competition Plus Hollow Stem Valves. Ferrea has taken their ultra-durable, race proven tough valves and has cut 22% off of their weight by hollowing out the valve stems by gun drilling and micro polishing them.

The new lightweight Competition Plus Hollow Stem Valves will allow you to run lower pressure valve springs, which will in turn give a better life span to your entire valve train – from your cam to your pushrods. Additionally, the lighter weigh hollow valves will allow your engine to up quicker and to higher RPM ranges. With Ferrea you get all the benefits of lighter hollow valves with none of the strength concerns. These valves are made from “Super Alloy” materials, and the valve stems have a 10-micron chrome plating for durability.

Ferrea’s Competition Plus Hollow Stem Valves are available for everything from the modern LS7 to the old school big blocks from Ford, GM,and Chrysler. Check out Ferrea’s website to find what they offer for your specific application.