Your dad is awesome, but he can be hard to buy for – He’s already got a Corvette, and what can you get a man who already has the best car in the world? The obvious answer is “Corvette parts and accessories,” but because your dad is so awesome, he also taught you that paying full price is for suckers.

That’s where Mid America Motorworks comes in. Through June 6, they will take 10% off any order over $198, just by following the link. Whether he could use repair and restoration components, speed parts, clothing, car covers, or what have you, Mid America Motorworks has it, for all generations of Corvette.

Insider tip: You don’t have to prove you’re buying it for your dad to get the 10% discount – if dad’s been a jerk lately, you can get some nice Corvette stuff for yourself and nobody will ever be the wiser. But no matter who you’re getting it for, do it soon because this carriage turns back into a pumpkin at midnight on 6/6!