It’s finally here! Anyone who’s ever wanted to make some serious numbers with their LS engine has no doubt had an interest in acquiring a FAST LSX 92mm intake – but they only came in a composite gray color. The wait is over! Guys and gals, allow us to introduce the brand new black FAST LSX 92mm intake manifold!

The FAST is a fantastic intake for the LS engine that not only proves time and time again that it can help increase performance through excellent flow, but it also doesn’t affect the drivability or low end torque. Not only can the intake be bolted on to the meanest drag strip machine but it can also give some kick to your everyday street car that’s just begging for more air to breathe when the stock intake just isn’t cutting it.

The FAST LSX 92mm intake is designed to work with the FAST Big Mouth Throttle Body to achieve optimum horsepower increases. Not only did the guys at FAST add the black option at the request of customers, but they also took the time to listen to consumers’ other suggestions. As requested by owners of the FAST intakes in the past, they have added corrosion free stainless steel assembly bolts, as well as an improved sealing flange and o-ring for the throttle body and threaded insert throttle body mounts that provide more durability than ever before.

Finally – everyone who is obsessed with the appearance of what’s under their hood can sleep easy tonight and dream of a new stealthy black finished FAST LSX 92mm Intake! Hey, the holidays are less than six months away, you know …