To say one is a Chevy guy or gal can mean many different things. Whether you like Chevrolet racing or old-school muscle cars, or maybe only ever owned Chevy trucks, all of these cases could be categorized as being a “Chevy” individual. Dick Gray is one of these self-proclaimed Chevy enthusiasts and he proves it through his Chevrolet history and vehicles. Thanks goes to Faces of GM for bringing us a look at this dedicated individual.

Gray is a retired Chevrolet engineer, but that’s not where his family history with Chevy ends. His father was actually a chief engineer for Chevrolet in the ‘60’s era and head of quality control when he retired. So did being immersed in the Chevrolet company influence his automotive preferences? You can bet on it.

Gray owns a bright red ‘08 Corvette with black and silver stripes. Vowing never to take the car out in bad weather, living in Michigan posed a problem for Gray. So he went out and bought another Chevrolet that he could take out when the Corvette was tucked away safe in the garage – a Silverado pickup truck. The Silverado is also finished in trademark bright red exterior with black and silver stripes and even sports the Corvette nameplate. Gray’s wife also has a bright red Chevy, a new Impala, but her car will remain without the stripes until Gray can convince her to put them on.

Both of Gray’s vehicles suit him rather well. The truck, which he refers to as his “winter Corvette,” allows him to have the raw Chevy power when mother nature is just not willing to cooperate. Plus it helps him pull his three boats. The Corvette, on the other hand, gives him that all-American muscle car feeling.

A source of pride for Gray is that his Corvette was the last vehicle in the car cruise for GM’s centennial birthday back in 2008. We don’t blame him for this – it was truly a great honor. It’s neat to see how Gray has embraced his Chevrolet family history and carried it on through his career and personal vehicles. Check out the video featuring Gray and his fantastic Chevy vehicles.