Extremely Rare Baldwin-Motion Phase III Corvette Up For Grabs

Few car legacies are as secret as the one surrounding the Baldwin-Motion Corvettes. Created in the heat of the muscle car era, these performance cars were more than just added power and race stripes- they were ultra-rare custom Corvettes. Because of their rarity and the protection that remains with their legacy, it is rare to see one and even rarer to find one for sale. However, RK Motors is currently offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to own such a car. Considering what you’d be getting, the asking price is even more astonishing than the car itself.

Up for sale is an extremely rare ‘68 Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette. Created by Joel Rosen of Motion Performance, the Phase III GT Corvettes transformed ordinary big block cars into rare pieces of automotive artwork, adding a trademark front end with tunneled headlights, scooped hood, flared fenders, shark louvers, Le Mans fuel filler and sport mirrors. The paint job added to these Corvettes was also distinctly Motion, with unique striping and badging to boot.

This particular Phase III GT Corvette underwent its Baldwin-Motion upgrade in 1973. After saving to afford the Motion pieces, Joe Robinson, the owner of this ’68 big-block Corvette at the time, purchased the distinct Phase III GT mail-order kit for his vehicle and started the transformation. In addition to the kit, Robinson also equipped his Corvette with finned aluminum valve covers from Motion, high-rise manifold, Holley four-barrel carburetor, and Ansen Wheels. Due to cost, this Corvette did not receive the GT rear window conversion offered for the Phase III cars.

Thirty nine years, two owners and a full restoration later, this original Phase III Corvette is up for grabs. As luck would have it, all the Motion components still remain intact. The ‘Vette still features the original, numbers-matching 427ci V8; rebuilt to Phase III specifications, its original numbers-matching four-speed transmission, rearend, as well as the authentic Motion paint scheme and badges.

While this Phase III Corvette is rare and fully restored, the restoration didn’t go overboard, leaving you with a car that can still be enjoyed and driven as was intended of the Motion Corvettes when they were first built.

As we mentioned before, the Baldwin-Motion Corvette legacy is very protected with Rosen being the only one who knows just how many of these cars were created. This car comes with the authentic details that can only be obtained through Rosen, like the paint scheme and badges. What’s more, his signature on the ignition cover and an authentication letter from Rosen himself, proves this car is the real deal.

We first brought you word of this Motion Phase III Corvette back in May of 2011. Back then it was listed on eBay for $199,000 by RK Motors out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Since no one made a winning offer on the car and serious interest on this investment piece has been lacking, the Corvette has dropped to just $139,900. Considering that the car is appraised at $350,000, this price tag is a bargain for a true Baldwin-Motion conversion Corvette. This opportunity should not be passed up by any serious Corvette collector.

For an extensive look at the restoration of this Phase III Corvette, check out RK Motors website.

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