We’ve talked about the advanced features of Optima’s new line of battery chargers before. These chargers can help Optima battery owners maintain their new batteries in peak condition for the long term, even recovering batteries that may have been deeply discharged thanks to special microprocessor circuitry in the charger.

Optima knows their new Digital 400 and Digital 1200 chargers are the perfect tool to compliment their full line of batteries. Because of that, if you purchase a new Optima battery and charger in the same transaction at the Optima web site, they will extend the warranty on your battery for an additional year! That means some batteries could receive up to four years of free replacement protection, that’s not an offer you see happen very often, especially with batteries. There are a few exceptions, and those are for batteries that are used in constant deep cycling situations, or harsh environments, Optima has all the details outlined on their web site.

Get a longer warranty, battery protection, and a charger to fit all your automotive battery needs. Sounds like a pretty good summer deal if you ask us. For more information on what battery fits your car, or what charger is right for your application, check out the Optima Batteries web site.