In the business of automotive journalism, we are given the task of not only reporting the news, but occasionally to give our opinion on everything car-related. Having said that, everybody is this business has an opinion, and like they say, opinions are like… well, you know the rest.

Images and video courtesy of Everyday Driver

So when we saw this video of a 2012 ZR1 being tested by the geeks over at Everyday Driver, that very thought had entered our brains. We know the current ZR1 is the best Corvette to date and so do you. But according to at least one of the two testers, Paul Schmucker (aptly named), it was designed by rodeo clowns, citing its width and general appearance for his outlandish claim.

Schmucker goes on to say that’s he’s never once seen a Corvette going fast, and all are driven by “some 60 year-old guy going 50 MPH.” He must have never been to the dragstrip, a road course, or an autocross event, but we digress.

These guys made it a point to rag on the ZR1 at every opportunity, and they're entitled to their opinion. Even though it's wrong.

His colleague, Todd Deeken, isn’t as prejudiced, as he’s more occupied by the LS9’s brute power, continuously complimenting the acceleration and the top speed (albeit in a nerderific manner, saying it’s not necessary). Both however, take jabs at the Corvette’s interior (such a cliché at this point), including the navigation system and a lack of support in the seats.

They go on to agree that the ZR1 outperforms other cars in its class at a fraction of the cost, comparing it to the Nissan GT-R in terms of price/performance (another cliché ). Obviously, there have to be some sacrifices for that “low” sticker price, and if all they have to complain about is fake carbon fiber interior pieces and a dated navigation system, then sign us up. Some people just don’t know a good thing when they see it, and those individuals should stick to road testing Hyundais and minivans.

You want our opinion? We think that anybody who can afford the base price of $110k or the fully-optioned price of $125k for a 2012 ZR1 should step up, and take the plunge. With the upcoming C7 just over the horizon, we’re willing to be that the Chevy dealers will be doing some dealing on the last C6’s.