Everyday Driver Reviews 2014 C7

The online car review team at Everyday Driver recently reviewed a beautiful red C7 on some twisty California roads. Unlike standard car reviews where one person gives their opinion throughout the entire review, Everyday Driver has a refreshing format of having two different people (Paul and Todd) discuss the vehicle throughout the entire review. What this format did was create a fairly balanced situation where if one person didn’t like an aspect of the car, the other person may have actually expressed their enjoyment of it.

While Paul was admittedly biased towards Porsche, Todd seemed to be very open to all brands which provided a very nice balance throughout the video. As tested, their 2014 C7 was equipped with the Z51 package, a manual gearbox, and magnetic ride control. With their options package, both Paul and Todd commented that the C7 feels incredibly planted to the ground, feels much smaller than it actually is, and does not feel heavy when driving it like the C6 did. During the review, Paul the Porsche fanboy happily said “I didn’t think GM could build a precision instrument and they have” and then followed that statement by saying the C7 is “the best performance bargain on the market right now”. 

A thing of beauty.

Of honorable mention, Todd explained one puzzling thing about the C7: why even when equipped with a manual transmission, the C7 still has the same paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel that the automatic transmission version does. As they explain, the paddles that are used for shifting in the automatic’s sport mode are actually used for the manual transmission C7’s new “Rev Match System” which when engaged, smooths the drivers shifts by increasing or decreasing RPM’s electronically.

With the extremely high expectations the C7 carried with it throughout development, it is great to see the C7 exceeding expectations after drivers get behind the wheel. 


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