LG Motorsports Releases Full Spectre 341 Challenge Video

The Spectre 341 Challenge is one of the premiere race events that not only challenges car performance but also driver ability. The event, which takes place on Nevada’s State Highway 341, sends participants up a 5.2 mile stretch of curvy mountain roads in the ultimate test for man and machine. In June, LG Motorsports confronted the Challenge and came away with a Corvette track record in their ZR1 for the second year in a row.

While video clips of the event and LG Corvette ZR1 run have been released – some of which we brought to you in our June coverage of the event – it wasn’t until July 25th that the official LG Hill Climb video was released. While hearing of the records is impressive, nothing is better than seeing the event from the eyes of the winner. We are excited to have the opportunity to do just that.

The video, released on StreetFire.net, takes viewers through a snippet of history about the Corvette record that LG Motorsports set last year. It follows this interlude with details on what performance modifications were done to the LG ZR1 to get it ready for another record setting run this year. With all the upgrades, this year the LG Corvette was pushing 742 horsepower and 778 pound feet to the wheels – hefty numbers to be putting to the pavement on a “track” that boasts 22 turns and a 1,216 feet elevation climb. After all the car and course details are disclosed in the video, viewers are taken on a ride-along for the complete run done by Lou Gigliotti in the LG Corvette.

The end of the video shows Gigliotti completing the race in just 3 minutes and 14.45 seconds, setting a new record and winning the 2011 event. But don’t think that the LG team is stopping there. We’re sure that we’ll see them next year with even more performance upgrades on their car to defend their record and race winning-run. We can’t wait to see just what the LG team comes up with to defend their title next year!

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