When you get a large gathering of GM enthusiasts together, they are going to want to get involved with a bunch of different activities. So it was in Bowling Green recently for the Holley LS Fest. There was a fantastic turnout for the event and a whole spectrum of activities to get involved with.

On the packed schedule were drag racing, autocross, speed stop, cruising, Show-N-Shine and an Engine Swap Challenge. Those attending from Friday through Sunday would barely have time to eat or rest.

The video below is the second to come out of the event coverage and is dedicated to the drag racing at Beech Bend Raceway. The wide range of racing classes kept the competition interesting and the playing field level for all.

If there was ever a wider variety of vehicles united by a common thread, it is hard to imagine where. There seems to be little doubt that Holley has hit on a blockbuster event here, so the likelihood of a repeat next year must be virtually certain.

Have a look at the action below and start figuring out how you’ll have that LS-based project done in time for next September.