Amazing Footage of Viper/Corvette Crash from the Supercar Challenge

There’s nothing quite like piloting your rear-wheel drive Corvette in the rain, but add some race tires and a ton more horsepower, and we can’t imagine the kind of struggle it would be. But that’s exactly what racers in the European Supercar Challenge series had to endure last weekend, resulting in some pretty sketchy action. Yes, the race continued even with massive puddles on the track, which presented problems for many drivers, including Dodge Viper SRT10 GT2 driver Philippe Ribbens and Corvette C6R GT1 driver Rick Abresch. Abresch ended up crashing into Ribbens after both slid off the side of the track as a result. Check out the wreck in the Supercar Challenge TV video above.

Rick Abresch and his Corvette C6R GT1 car prior to the wreck. Image: Hans Van Der Vleuten/ Supercar Challenge

With a downpour from mother nature, the seventh leg of the Supercar Challenge (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters-DTM) continued on Saturday August 25th as drivers piloted their high-performance race cars through wet and slippery conditions on Netherlands’ Circuit Park Zandvoort track. Of course, rear-wheel drive race cars don’t handle the same on wet pavement as they do on dry and many drivers struggled to keep their cars on course.

One of these drivers was Viper SRT10 GT2 driver Philippe Ribbens who made a valiant attempt to slow his car to a proper pace around a slippery corner but lost the Viper about half way through, veering off into the gravel. While this wouldn’t be a huge deal, Ribbens’ car was struck from behind just seconds later while attempting to restart the vehicle. It seems that Corvette C6R GT1 driver Rick Abresch also struggled with the slippery corner, careening off the course out of control and slamming drivers-side first into the back end of the Viper.

With cameras capturing the action from the corner of the track and on-board cameras catching it from two different angles inside the cars, you can see the wreck from all different directions. Luckily, both drivers walked away from the incident without serious injury, although judging by Ribbens’ reaction, he didn’t walk away without at least some resulting pain. The cars, however, weren’t as lucky.

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