There are some situations that even the addition of coolest of cars cannot improve. Case in point, this scene from the 1978 feature film “Stingray.” The attached clip which was posted by Watercooler Films on YouTube, is Episode 54 of their collection of the Worst Movie Scenes of All Time!

The premise of the film is that drug dealers hide $1 million worth of dope in a hot Corvette Stingray that’s parked on a used car lot. However as you can probably guess, the car disappears into the hands of the hapless hero who is relentlessly chased by the bad guys driving a sweet looking Chevelle.

The scene in this clip inserts two stereotypically dumb rednecks driving a beat up Chevy pick-up into the car chase mix. The “hilarity” ensues as the “country boys” and the “master criminals” battle it out to on the road to see who has the lowest IQs. And since no car chase scene is complete without an explosion, hand grenades magically appear to end the rolling roadblock.

During the late 70s and early 80s, there were some really fun movies that featured  great characters, wicked cool cars, and high-speed chases.  A few like “Smokey and the Bandit” and “Grand Theft Auto” include the talents of future Academy Award winners Sally Field and Ron Howard respectively.

Those films and many other good ones are often still shown on TV or are available at various online outlets. Fortunately for us, turkeys like the one that spawned this clip are rarely ever seen again!