Enter to Win a Free Fuel Pump in the Holley Fuel Pump Giveaway

Who likes free stuff? Well, for those of you who do, you’re in luck because Holley Performance Products wants to give you a free fuel pump in their 60 Pumps in 60 Days Sweepstakes. And as we found out from Bangshift, all you have to do for your chance to get one of the pumps is find Holley on Facebook and fill out a short entry form. Yes, winning free stuff can be that easy!

With the 60 Pumps in 60 Days Sweepstakes, Holley will be giving away one free fuel pump per day through May 7th. Winners of the daily fuel pump giveaways will receive a pre-selected electrical fuel pump in either blue, black or red. Of the seven daily winners each week, one lucky person will be selected to pick their own fuel pump, with options including the new in-line HP and Dominator fuel pumps.

The new HP In-Line fuel pumps offer optimal fueling to fuel-injected engines with up to 900hp and carbureted engines with up to 1,050hp, while the new Dominator In-Line Billet fuel pumps offer optimal fueling to fuel-injected engines with up to 1,800hp and carbureted engines with up to 2,100hp.

If you’d like a shot at getting your hands on a free Holley fuel pump, all you have to do is visit the company’s Facebook page, hit the “Enter Sweepstake” button and fill in your information. The sooner you get your information in, the better because your odds of winning a free fuel pump decrease with every person who enters over the next couple months.

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