Engine Building Competition Shows Skills of Chrysler Tech Students

If you’ve ever built an engine for a project car, you know how much time and finesse it takes to get everything put together and running smoothly. However, it doesn’t always have to take that long, as a set of students from a Midwest community college recently proved in the school’s Engine Build Competition. In less time than it takes to make your weekend beer run, these students were able to put a small-block Chevy engine together from the crank up and start it. Check out the entire competition in the video above.

Southeast Community College (SCC) in Milford, Nebraska offers many different areas of study, including the Chrysler College Automotive Program. Through this program, students learn the skills they need to become entry-level Chrysler technicians. To show off their skills, students in the program can sign up to compete against their classmates in a head-to-head engine building competition. This fast paced race pins two teams of two students against each other to build a small-block from the bare block up, in as little time as possible. This year, one set of students finished the competition in just 17 minutes and 10 seconds.

While just over 17 minutes is a blistering pace for a full engine build, the students that competed this last weekend in the build competition didn’t beat the standing record for students in the SCC automotive department. Last year, students Brandon Arent and Tyler Christensen set the Engine Build Competition at just 13 minutes and 32 seconds. Just think, if all engine builds went that fast and smooth, you’d already have your project car on the street!

Now, you’ve heard the astonishing numbers from this and other small-block Chevy competitions before, like the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow competition that holds its final round at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, but nothing quite gives you an idea of how fast these young automotive enthusiasts fly through an engine build like watching the competition first hand. So check out all the action from start to finish for both teams in the video above. Ah, to be young!

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