Engine Build Experience Buyers Can Customize VIN

Have you ever wanted to choose the VIN for your car? Well now Corvette owners can. CorvetteBlogger revealed Monday that Corvette buyers now have more opportunities to personalize their vehicle right from the factory by choosing their vehicle’s identification number, or at least the last digits.

Corvette buyers have had unique opportunities to personalize their vehicles in the past through the ZR1/Z06 Engine Build Experience. Through this program, buyers had the opportunity to help build their Corvette’s engine. Chevrolet has also offered delivery of new Corvettes through the National Corvette Museum.

According to an official communication from GM to their dealers, the new program, known as the Customer’s Selectable VIN Ending Option, allows Corvette buyers to request a specific ending number for their car’s VIN. In order to request a specific VIN, buyers must agree to pay $5,000 for the privilege. A Corvette concierge will then contact the buyer to get his request. The concierge will determine if the VIN request can be honored and put the order in for the Corvette accordingly. In order for a VIN request to be approved, the number must fall within the sequence of vehicle identification numbers currently being produced. If it does not, buyers have the option to cancel their Corvette order or proceed with the transaction with a random VIN being assigned to the vehicle.

CorvetteBlogger’s Keith Cornett suggests that the VIN request program is optimal for collectors who might request a specific VIN to match that of an older Corvette they own. For example, a collector might want to get a new Corvette with the same ending sequence as their classic 1953 Corvette. According to the official GM correspondence promoting the new program, the Customer’s Selectable VIN Ending Option is for ultimate Corvette enthusiasts that want the utmost personalization for their vehicle.

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