Email Scam WARNING: Paul Walker’s Death Not Caused By Mystery Viper

pwcIf you own a computer and have an email account, chances are you’ve gotten a virus-laden email from time to time. Most of the time, these sick scammers try to reel you in with something that might appeal to you – and sadly, these stupid scams seem to work enough that the scammers continue to send them out. Are we even close to being done with the Nigerian scam, or the one where someone somehow gave your name as the recipient for the $8 billion dollars left behind?

pwscamIf it’s not bad enough that someone has tried to gain attention by mocking Paul Walker’s death, we now have seen emails spreading throughout the interweb that there was supposedly a yellow SRT Viper that was running alongside Roger Rodas and Paul Walker that tragic day when both men perished in a fiery crash.

Said email had “There is a big compensation for catching the individual involved in Paul Walker’s mortal smash” as the subject, and contained the following message:

Big compensation for apprehending the person connected to Paul Walker’s violent smash, as recent footage made public by Los Angeles PD revealed that a different car was involved. The footage clearly discloses another yellow Dodge Viper SRT that was speeding side by side with the red Carrera Walker was sitting in.

Sadly the Viper had counterfeited plates, so this took the detectives to nowhere. Here is a picture of the Viper driver! Anyone who has met this individual, is kindly asked to dial 1-877-A-THREAT (1-877-284-7328) or 911. The moment we get pertinent info concerning this driver, we shall reveal the whole truth regarding crash. Walker’s relatives requested discretion about this tip and before we find the person responsible, we cannot expose it.

A big pay back is offered for any tip anybody can bring regarding the individual responsible for inducing the red Carrera to smash and kill Paul Walker and his companion. Again here we have a picture of the Viper driver!

The simplest thing we can say is don’t fall for it! Scams like these hope that you’re so moved by the tragic loss that you’ll do anything to help, including infect your computer with a virus that is launched when you attempt to open the zip file attachment.


If you truly want to help, contact ROWW instead of forwarding the malicious email.

A word to the wise: if you have to open a zip file, or any other document just to get a picture or more information, it’s probably a malicious email and it should be deleted. Please don’t be one of those people who get so moved by the thought that you can help, that you forward the email on to 185 of your closest friends, relatives, enemies and everyone else who has contacted you in the past month.

We have seen the email already, and immediately knew that it was a phishing scam or some other type of virus attachment, and while we all feel a great loss in both the automotive and acting community, there are still people who seek to benefit in some sick way or another over this tragic incident.

Remember: Always check and verify any suspicious email before you send it out – your friends and family will be grateful! If you really want to do some good, donate to Paul Walker’s charity – Reach Out WorldWide. That will certainly make you feel better than sending a virus to your friends’ computer.

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