Here’s a promotion you might want to get your hands on. Right now, Edelbrock is running a sweet promotion for folks purchasing an Air-Gap manifold: buy one, and you’ll receive a free pair of mechanics gloves as well as a $25 check.

Adding greater appeal to this deal is the fact that any Air-Gap manifold purchase will work. Whether sold individually, in a Power Package, or even as part of a crate engine, you’re still eligible to take part and reap the rewards.

Air-Gap manifolds are making waves right now, thanks to their patented design which features an open air space that divides the runners from the hot engine oil. This makes for a denser, cooler air-fuel mixture to reach the engine and creates more power right where it counts–the combustion chamber. The list of eligible setups numbers over one hundred, making it easy for buyers to pick and choose from a wide variety for their application.

Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Edelbrock’s signature gloves. One-size-fits-all and these are constructed from premium synthetic materials. They’re the only mitts you’ll want to wear when you’re tinkering around on that classic or late-model project of yours. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to receive some green when you’re in need of a new part.

Ford, Chevy, and MOPAR fans are each represented with this offer, so there’s hardly any reason not to consider it. Starting May 1st, you have until the 30th of June to apply for “Fits Like a Glove.” Completed redemption forms must be mailed in by July 31st. See more information on this deal by visiting Edelbrock’s website, and be sure to stay tuned to all of the company’s promotions by liking them on Facebook.