EcoTec3 Engines Will Bring 500 New Jobs To Tonawanda Plant

The new EcoTec3 engine line features a 5.3L and 6.2L V8, as well as a 4.3L V6. All the EcoTec3 engines will be built at the Tonawanda Plant in Buffalo, New York.

Last month General Motors finally released all the information on their all-new, all-aluminum 5.3L and 6.2L V8 truck engines (and their 4.3L V6 little brother) that have been dubbed the EcoTec3 engine line. Every member of the EcoTec3 family will feature the latest Active Fuel Management technology, variable valve timing, and a new direct injection combustion system. Not only will the all new EcoTec3 engine line be powering the newest Silverado and Sierra, but it looks like they will be adding a ton of power to the economy in western New York State.

There’s a lot to smile about thanks to the new EcoTec3 engines – they could bring up to 600 new jobs to the Tonawanda Plant.

According to a recent report in The Detroit news, the General Motors Tonawanda Engine plant located just north of Buffalo, New York, will be adding over 500 new jobs as a direct result of the new EcoTec3 engine line. Over the course of the next year, those 500 plus new jobs will mean an increase of almost 50% (!) to Tonawanda’s current work force of around 1,100 employees. Officials from General Motors made it known that about 300 of those new jobs will give preference to unionized workers from Delphi plants who want to transfer to Tonawanda.

Add this news to the recent announcements that the 6th Gen Camaro will be built in Michigan, and that GM has started the process of buying back its stocks from the US Government, – and it’s clear that things are looking up for The General. Do you agree?   

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