Eccentric Engineer Shows Off Hydrogen-Powered Corvette

There has been a lot of talk in the auto industry about the next generation of fuels after oil. While there are some firm believers in electric cars, there are those of us that would miss the roar and rumble of a good ol’ fashioned internal combustion engine. To that end, there are no shortage of alternative fuels; everything from algae biodiesel to corn ethanol. But one fuel that many automakers think could really be a turning point is hydrogen, used to generate electricity through the use of a fuel cell.

But while some of the largest companies in the world are pouring billions of dollars into researching and perfecting hydrogen fuel cell technology, a self-proclaimed genius named Bob Lazar claims to have converted the engine in his Chevy Corvette to run on hydrogen. Oh, and he also built a supercollider in his backyard. FOR SCIENCE!

Hydrogen cars have many benefits, including the fact that they produce no emissions other than water. Alas, because hydrogen fuel cell vehicles require expensive metals, including a whole buncha platinum, to serve as a catalyst for the hydrogen gas, these cars are incredibly expensive and impractical… for now.

In this 10-minute video Lazar, who claims to have worked on alien technology at an Area 51 annex, talks about a wide range of topics including the conspiracy to keep hydrogen technology out of the hands of the public. He then goes on to claim that his converted Corvette has a range of 400 miles running on nothing but hydrogen. Color us skeptical. Then again, the man built his own supercollider in order to harvest the heavily-regulated lithium-6 deuteride, which allows for more efficient storage of hydrogen.

We’ll let you guys decide if Lazar is just some crazy engineer, or if he is onto something, but we have to say that the idea of a zero-emissions Corvette is kind of appealing. After all, everybody needs air to breathe, right?

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