EBC Brakes Stops The Show With Blue Stuff

In past years EBC has brought out their Red Stuff, Yellow Stuff and Green Stuff brake pad technology for the SEMA trade show. This year, EBC unveiled “Blue Stuff” for the 2010 SEMA Trade show. According to Chris Noah, Customer and Media Relations at EBC Brakes; “the Blue Stuff brake pads are designed for sports cars and faster sport compacts”.

Noah went on to tell us;”This new pad material is extremely durable and very easy on the brake rotors.”

We checked out the specs on the “Blue Stuff” racing brake pads and found out that the material used in the construction of the pads was in research and development for two years in the European labs and tracks before launching here in the States.

Noah also explained;”Road racers using these brake pads reported good feel in general braking and great in stop braking. These race pads can also be used on the street with many production cars. Originally, the Blue Stuff NDX brake pad material was developed during years of track testing and was recently refined to be suitable for 3,000 pound US model cars like Mustang, Camaro, GTO, Viper and Corvette.”

The folks at EBC also told us that the NDX Blue Stuff brake pads were “pre-bedded” by heat scorching.  By using this method, EBC claims that brake pads will “bed in” within 3 or 4 stops at the track.

Features of the EBS Blue Stuff brake pads:

  • Pre bedded by heat scorching.
  • Bonded to the steel backing plates using multiple high strength interlock holes.
  • Deep V grooves incorporated to help venting and catch dirt, dust and debris.
  • Manufactured by blending specially chosen man made naturally mined fibers.

For more information on EBC Brakes, check them out at www.ebcbrakes.com

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